Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.14.46So as it’s my first post, I thought I would start at the beginning. The conception. No, not the actual act of it – no one wants that. More the timing and reasoning behind it. As with many women these days, 30 was looming and I was sort of in denial. I’d always said ‘once I’m 30 I’ll then think about children’ – mainly because 30 always seemed a long way off and I’d always secretly hoped it wouldn’t happen. But it did and then there I was left with questioning glances and heavy sighs from my mother if I accepted a glass of wine. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted children but suddenly the prospect of ‘trying’ for them and actually having them was very real.
I’ve been on the pill for half my life, ridiculously bad period pains from about the age of 14 – grim, so I was a bit concerned about coming off it. I did the sensible grown up thing and booked a doctors appointment and was told that I’d be fine coming off but it may take a while (could be 6 months!) for my periods to settle down properly and conceiving should be fine but may take longer. In the same week a friend had said her sister and partner took ages to conceive after her coming off the pill. It’s funny isn’t it – in this day and age when we’re so used to having everything instantly, I was sort of shocked that we might not conceive straight away.
Needless to say, autumn last year, I then decided to come off the pill immediately. I started to take vitamins and folic acid and because I’d randomly decided that our bodies needed to be templesScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.07.14 of nutritional wholesomeness, I forced my husband to take a WellMan supplement everyday and cut down his coffee intake, he definitely thought I was bonkers and later admitted to forgetting to take his supplement most days and having at least 4 coffees. I briefly downloaded a conception app, but soon deleted it again – I was getting ovulation notifications in meetings at work about RIGHT NOW being the best time to conceive. I’m not sure my boss would have appreciated me scraping my chair back, flying out the room and yelling ‘I’ve got to go and have sex now, sorry’. Although one thing the app did teach me is that the optimum conceiving window every month is quite small, literally a matter of about 5 days.
The first month, sex was a sporadic random thing (no more details I promise) and Legs Up Wall BBBneedless to say, at the end of 5 weeks, we were not pregnant. I had an ‘oh, dammit’ reaction and was irrationally annoyed we didn’t strike it lucky first go (even though less than 30% of couples conceive within the first cycle) I have to say, this is when I got a bit clinical about it (poor husband or not so, depending on your view). Lots of sex was to follow…. not entirely sure if it could be classified as ‘love making’… more baby making. I also, lay with my legs up the wall afterwards more times than I care to remember. I’m not sure if this is a certified medical aid … but they did it in Maybe Baby so I was game.
We had a much anticipated holiday to Mexico coming up and I was keen to continue my mission in the land of sunshine and tequila. My efficiency on the ‘ovulating days’ was second to none and by the time we returned to the UK I was 4 days late for my period. My much more level headed husband told me to wait another week before doing a test …. hmm, that turned into waiting another day before I bounded back through the door after work clutching Clear Blue. There’s nothing quite like weeing on a stick with your other half sat outside the bathroom questioning the progress of this action. But low and behold … there is was the little blue cross of joy! I was pregnant, for real. And this is where the journey began.